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Accountability: To both the communities and law enforcement agencies we serve

Purpose: Excellence is the Expectation

Organizational Credibility: Both inside and outside of the organization

Action: Help others and make a difference by bridging the gap between Police officers and the communities they serve


Arizona Police Officers Association’s primary mission is to create a partnership between Police Officers and the Communities they serve. We directly support the police officers by providing equipment and training that falls outside their respective department’s budget. Our goal is to ensure that our officers have the best tools available to provide safe and effective crime prevention.


Arizona Police Officers Association’s vision is to reward excellence in both Law Enforcement and the communities they serve. Excellence should be the expectation not only for Law Enforcement but also the communities they serve.

MEET EJ Echiverri

Hi, my name is EJ Echiverri. I am a retired Watch Commander with a local big city Police Agency. I spent 26 years serving with some of the finest, selfless, altruistic, honorable and caring human beings. I literally worked with legends doing legendary things in Law Enforcement and service daily. In my career, I got to do all of the fun stuff. I was an Undercover Narcotics Detective, Sex Crimes Detective and served on our SWAT Team. I was also a Patrol Sergeant, Special Operations Division SOD Sergeant, SWAT Team Leader, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Patrol Lieutenant and  honorably retired as an Overnight Watch Commander being the highest ranking Officer on the road for my last three years. With that, I was both humbled and honored to receive over 100 commendations and awards with highlights as both “Police Officer of the Year” and “Trainer of the Year.”  

On a daily basis, I had a front row seat to one of the greatest shows on earth seeing both the worst and best in humanity. Also, on a daily basis, I watched as selfless human beings put themselves deliberately in harm’s way and did their best to make someone’s worst day a little bit better. I saw Officers buy hotel rooms for families sleeping in their car in 100 degree weather because the families had no money for a hotel room. They did this out of their own pocket with no fanfare or media. I saw Officers buy families food, buy families clothing, buy families bikes. I saw Officers go to residences on their own time and help an elderly burglary victim trim her bushes, install motion lights and buy and install updated locks for her home. I saw these same Officers (both huge with tattoos) cry in uniform alone in their cars (so they thought no one could see) when they responded to her death from cancer. I broke bread with their families and quickly realized that being the significant other of a Police Officer was an unenviable task in itself. Imagine whole nights alone because their husband works graves, imagine 25 consecutive years of Christmas, Thanksgiving, NYE, Super Bowl Sunday alone because their wives don’t get the liberty of Holidays off. Imagine 12-15 hour work days as a literal reality every week. Imagine dealing with your significant other after they spent the day dealing with people’s worst days, being verbally berated, being spit on, being hit and doing it all with a gun belt and 25 pounds of gear in the brutal Arizona summers while being recorded and making critical decisions with only seconds to make them. Now imagine this significant other could die, be seriously injured or in today’s day an age be arrested for just doing their job of serving and protecting. Imagine that person (dad, mom, brother, sister, husband, wife)  would be gone forever.  

Now imagine this is your reality……it is and was mine for both me and my wives (yes, we have a high divorce rate) for 26 years. Luckily, I made it to the finish line.  My body is a wreck. I have the occasional nightmares. I’ve ugly faced cried at the Disney Movie, “The Game Plan” in front of my daughter after The Rock chose his job over his daughter and also watched as my wife loudly ugly faced cried at the “End of Watch” Movie ending. I have been to too many “Cop Funerals” and unfortunately witnessed multiple Officers die in their uniforms. These are the fodder of the nightmares and uncontrollable cries BUT I would not change my career for a split second. I was able to help so many people. I was able to help others and make a positive difference on someone’s worst day. I also got to witness this being done by my peers and award this later in my career as a Police Supervisor and Leader. As a Watch Commander, my main edict for my Sergeants was to earn your stripes everyday and SHOW YOUR TROOPS YOU CARE. They in turn will SHOW THE CITIZENS THEY CARE.

I tell you all of this because COPS CARE and for this we should CARE ABOUT THE COPS. Hence this initiative, post retirement, to give back to so many who give so much. Please help me with a small or LARGE donation to the Arizona Police Officers Association (APOA) to SHOW THE COPS WE CARE. Your donations will go directly to the troops in terms of educational grants to receive needed Police training that the City or Police Department could not afford. These donations will also be used to supplement the department’s annual awards ceremony so that instead of a plaque and certificate, these award winning Officers will also receive a red dot for their duty weapon or even an all expense paid first class vacation for that Officer and their family. This would be more in line with the private sector where award recipients get bonus checks, trips to the Bahamas or a BOSE home theater system like my brother who worked for Pfizer. Your donations will also be used to give needed safety equipment and specialized high end corporate training rapport building and de-escalation training. Also and most importantly, leadership, physical and emotional wellness training. Any troops or outcomes of an organization are a direct reflection of the leadership and sound leadership is paramount to any organization’s success. Also, I am a firm believer that once you are honored enough to put that police badge on, you give up the right to be unfit both mentally and physically because it is no longer about you. It is about us! Help me, the silent majority that I know exists and make your much needed donation to the Arizona Police Officers Association.  

Thank you again for your time and support. Any questions, please feel free to reach out. Otherwise, STAY SAFE and SHOW YOU CARE!!



Lieutenant E.J. Echiverri



The police needs the community and the community needs the police.


835 W. Warner Rd #101-167, Gilbert, AZ 85233

835 W. Warner Rd #101-167, Gilbert, AZ 85233

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